Domestic flour mill Atta chakki Wooden Box

  1. Stone less Wooden Box Automatic domestic flour mill.

Domestic flour mill atta chakki is an electronic device and that is used to grind dry grains like Wheat, Bajra, Juwar, Makka, and other grains it also  make spices to a powdered form. It has a small hopper on top  in which the all grain is poured.  After Grain poured atta chakki will start automatically and make flour of grains and t collect flour collection compartments inside flour mill, Flour mill come with Child safety switch , Auto stop feature. Flour mill cane make flour any kind of grain with flour grinding chamber, Atta chakki come with 4 blades and six blades inside chamber six blades chamber can make very less noise and work fine.  Some flour mill manufacturer giving 1 year warranty on complete flour mill and 5 years on motor, Usually flour mill life is 15 years.


Domestic Flour mill front view

s of wooden box material

  1. Plywood:- Some manufacturer completely make flour mill cabinet with plywood that is very durable and good for long life
  2.  MDF an Plywood:- Shreejifine domestic flour mill cabinet made with 18 MM plywood and MDF, All inner parts made with 18 MM plywood ex. Motor stand, Flour mill Bottom, Domestic flour mill top,. All outer looking area made with 16 MM Pre laminated MDF that look good and glossy finishing and it easy to clean.
  3.  Some competitor making flour mill cabinet with chip particle board (PLB) we know that BHUSHA BOARD also always avoid to purchase BHUSHA board make flour mill because its life is very less and after some time all support will become loose.