Atta Chakki Machine FAQs

How much atta chakki machine can grind at a time?

Shreejifine flour mill machine grinds 10 to 12 Kg/Hr (Depends Upon Grains) and one time full hopper 5 Kg Approx.

Can I use this flour mill for commercial purpose?

This flour mill machine is made for domestic use and it can run 1-1.5 hours, after that you need to stop for 10-15 minutes.

How much weight for domestic flour mill machine?

This home flour mill Machine weight is approx. 48 Kgs.

How many colors and design option available for shreejifine flour mill?

We have currently 15 design options available and we are keep adding you can visit shop page for new arrivals.

What is the motor quality and how many years motor warranty for this aata chakki?

our domestic aata chakki  comes with  5 years Guarantee on motors, Our motors made with CI casting that cools very fast and long lasting. Motor comes with overload protector and 100% copper winding.

If I need to repair within warranty or after warranty, shall I get home service?

Yes, We provide warranty service with our service partner for predefined pincode areas, if your area is not covered we provide digital service and rectify your problem, if any parts replacement required we couriered to your address and guide to you for easy repair. This machine repair is very easy and any one can do, no any special skill required.

Does this domestic flour mill required regular maintenance. If yes how much cost is required for maintenance?

After every use of flour mill you need to clean grinding chamber and flour compartment, Other than this no any maintenance required. This is like mixer grinder.

How many Sieves (Jali) come with flour mill and what type of Sieves material?

Shreejifine domestic flour mill come with 8 different Sieves for different type of flour, Our Sieves material is mild steel, Stainless steel option also available but we recommended mild steel.

Can machine grind Red Chilly, Turmeric and other spices?

Yes this flour mill machine can grind spices, first you have to make small parts of any spices and you can grind, Spices are not advisable because it will left spices smell in upcoming flour grinding.

what is the size of electric motor used in this flour mill machine and cost per hour grinding?

Domestic flour mill Machine comes with 1 HP copper winding motor and it takes approx. 1 to 1.5 unit per hour use.

What is the warranty on shreejifine domestic flour mill?

This flour mill machine comes with one year complete warranty, except plastic and rubber parts, Motor guarantee is 5 years and grinding chamber guarantee is 15 years with standard condition use.

Is there any special requirement of electricity points to operate flour mill? Can we plug in into our normal switch board?

This domestic flour mill machine can be use in any normal 5 AMP power plug, No any special 15 AMP plug required.

How many GST percentage applied on domestic flour mill price?

Our domestic flour mill Price are inclusive of 5% GST for online buyers.

What is the dimension of domestic flour mill?

Our flour mill machine dimension is 90CM X 50CM X 38CM and it is vary as per model and it has variation of 2 to 3 cms. max.

Is this 5 star rated energy saving flour mill for home?

Usually, You can find a BEE star label on heavy electrical home appliances like A.C, Fridge or Washing Machine But this Domestic flour mill is consume less than 1 to 1.5 unit/hr.(075unit/hr.) So you can say this machine is 5 star energy saving machine and energy consumption depends on how fine flour and grains you are grinding.

Is there vacuum cleaner model available?

Yes, We can deliver vacuum cleaner flour mill  with any design and model with 1250 Rs. extra charge. We don’t  advise vacuum cleaner because flour mill  vacuum cleaner suction capacity is very less and its high maintenance required. our flour mill come with stainless steel top and bottom cover so you can just clean with normal cloth.

Is it having stone inside for grinding?

Is this true that flour mill can sprade dust in house during grinding?

No, This is false statement for our flour mill because we provide air filter and ring slider with cloth that can easily prevent flour dust and keep it within flour chamber only. our flour mill is best quality flour mill for home use.

Which is better plastic Air filter or cloth filter ? does plastic gets melt due to over hitting?

We provide both Food grade plastic Air filter and Slider ring cloth, We never seen any plastic Air filter melting issue till date in Sheejifine domestic flour mill. after every full hopper grinding you have to make empty your flour collection container.

How much time it takes to clean flour mill chamber with or without vacuum cleaner?

We provide cleaning brush along with flour mill and you can clean domestic flour mill grinding chamber within 5 minutes with brush and if you want to clean with vacuum cleaner than 4 minutes because still you have to use brush for cleaning chamber.

What is child safety feature and how it works?

There is one safety switch located in flour mill door panel, if some one open the flour mill door during running condition that switch will trigger and flour mill machine stop automatically and it prevents accident.

What is I-Sensor technology?

There is a sensor inside domestic flour mill hopper chamber and it detects grain and flour mill machine turns off automatic if there is no Grain in the hopper.

Can it grind oily grains, wet rice, wet dal..etc?

No, This flour mill machine made for making flour only and it only make flour from dry grains.

Grinding chamber made with steel or aluminum?

Shreejifine flour mill machine grinding chamber  made with High-Quality Cold Forged Aluminum (Food Grade material only)and the flour produced is healthy as well as It retains all the nutrients like Carbohydrate’s, Proteins, Vitamins, and Fibers etc.

What type of controller use in shreejifine domestic flour mill?

We use digital controller with two mode switch. 0ne for small grain like Bajra, Rava, etc and one for wheat Chana dal..etc.

What kind of material used for Shreejifine domestic flour mill cabinet?

We are using 17 MM prelaminated MDF and Plywood for cabinet. Other local and big brands use Particle board or 12 MM MDF.

What accessories provided with shreejifine domestic flour mill and what is cost of accessories?

We provide free 4 Nos. Castor wheel, 8 pcs Jali set, Cleaning Brush, and domestic flour mill cover.

What is the Ring-Slider Cloth?

This is newly design cloth filter for flour collecting container, It has ring that fits with flour collecting container and slider fits with grinding chamber with zero gap so no any flour will spillage during grinding. Its made from High quality Plastic material. easy to remove and clean. No direct elastic with grinding chamber.

What is the Shreejifine flour mill Motor RPM?

Shreejifine domestic flour mill Motor RPM is 2880

What material used for making flour collection container?

Shreejifine flour mill use High-Quality Stainless Steel material and It is washable.

What is easy clean or auto clean system in Shreejifine domestic flour mill?

After the grinding is done, completely grinds all the grains from the hopper than after flour mill machine run for two to three minutes and makes sure no residues are remaining in the grinding chamber its called auto clean or easy clean system.

What is auto glow feature in Shreejifine domestic flour mill?

There is one LED light in flour compartment and its glow automatically when door is open, Just like refrigerator.

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